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   Glory Sound (Asia) Ltd., a professional 一本道国产在线 panel and module manufacturer, was established in Hong Kong in 1993.  Since 2006, when our 20,000 sqm (with over 500  employees) modern manufacturing facility in Feng Gang, Dong Guan, PRC, was in full operation we were able to commit to a more comprehensive business model. Glory Sound (Asia) is now equipped with a highly automated 一本道国产在线 manufacturing line capable to handle all aspects for TN, BTN/VA, HTN, STN, FSTN (with some off-line hole drilling, form shaping tools etc.), as well as module manufacture like COG, TAB and COB. We also supply medium-smaill size TFT color display modules from 1.20 inch to 10.1 inch for different applications such as cisplay modules for home appliance, industrial equipment,medical equipment and so on. Alongside these are the touch panels and cover lens assembly processes.  These enable the individual yet fully integratable manufacture of 一本道国产在线, LCM, Touch Panels, cover plate/lens from design to production according to customer preferences. To this end we have also re-organised our teams to give all those benefits to our customers as a convenient 'one shop display solution’ provider, thus saving them time and resources for other activities in their product creation cycle, creating a perfect win-win situation in the process.

   The wealth of experience in this organisation is something we are proud of, which also serves the quality guarantee.  With a management and operation team of 60 plus experienced personnel (all BSc or above, with 5 at Master and Doctoral levels) we can easily boast one of the highest ‘man-work years’ total among peers of similar sizes. This team is further supported by experienced 一本道国产在线 engineers and operatives, enhancing better product performance and new technology in pursuit of our aim to be your preferred 'one shop, all-in-one’ display solution provider.

   Being a company focused on middle to higher tiers customers, providing reliable 一本道国产在线 products and customer satisfaction is always our target.  Quality consciousness is a motto here and practised at all operation levels. Since 2007 the organisation has been fully ISO9001 certified.  We also comply with environmental requirements such as RoHS and REACH standards which allow us to go practically into every corner of overseas markets. In 2013 a modern ERP system was installed to enhance the quality chain and made sure every step from purchasing, material input, processing, on-line inspection and packaging until final delivery are properly controlled with efficient real-time feedback loops.

   Glory Sound treats all these current and imminent continuous improvement activities as part of our core values.  Concurrent with business expansion we put mutual trust, dedication, innovation, self-reinforcement as the main guiding principles into our enterprise culture.  The target is, via technical innovation, we become a leading and socially responsible 一本道国产在线 enterprise, supplying customers the All-in-One (一本道国产在线 +Touch panel+ cover lens) display solutions of their choices.

   Internally we treat people as the most important asset to achieve our core aim of technical innovation. Externally customer service and satisfaction is always our focal point. That’s why we are continuously recruiting and training able persons to improve our competiveness and at the same time attracting and building a good relationship with our customers to create a win-win portfolio.

   So if you are interested in how we can help you achieve the best 'All-in-One' display solution, please do drop us a line. We can then start the whole programme, fully dedicating ourselves to provide a perfect 'All-in-One display' solution together.


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